My goal is to be an animator, which is why I am studying how to do stop motion videos. I love making stop motion videos because I get to be creative designing characters and backgrounds. I use plastic papers for the floor or ground. I draw pictures of flowers, clouds, trees, water and other stuff on the background page. I have been making Legos, Bionicle, Clays and Gumby and Pokey stop motion videos. It sometimes takes me weeks to get my videos done. I have an app called Stop Motion Studio that is owned by Cateater, LLC. I have a studio room upstairs in my house, which was our in home theater room. I love being able to make them in the studio instead of a bedroom, because it has no windows, and I use a special light for the stop motion area. I have a tripod which lets me hold my iPad and take pictures. This lets me move left, right, up and down. I use my Apple ear plugs by pressing the increase or decrease volumes so that I don’t make my iPad shaky while taking pictures. When I first made a video, I taught myself how to move the characters. No one even knew I was making them, I taught myself how to do it. My mother, my stepdad and my siblings were very proud of me. When I was younger, I used to watch Legos and Bionicle stop motion videos on YouTube all the time. That’s actually how I learned how to make them, by watching others videos. Currently, I have over 20 videos I’ve made so far. I’m gonna make a lot more videos in the future. I just wanted to tell you about why I love stop motion and how I make them.

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